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What We Buy

What We Buy

Maximize Revenue from Your Waste Stream

Getting the highest value for your scrap material is vital to your bottom line. General Motors makes roughly $1 billion per year recycling materials from their waste stream, and Kimberly-Clark—who sells paper products to roughly one-quarter of the earth’s population each day—now uses recycling to generate nearly twice as much revenue as they previously spent on disposal.

Types of Materials

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Flexible, Global Recycling Brokers

High-volume scrap producers partnering with Royal Oak Recycling can be confident that they’ll get the best price and service.  Royal Oak Recycling currently handles more than 55,000 tons of material each month, making us an important direct supplier in several sectors.  This volume leverages better pricing and stable, long-term relationships with buyers—benefits we share with our customers.

We thrive on long-term relationships by being flexible partners open to new opportunities. Royal Oak Recycling is eager to absorb very high volumes and ready to handle both your regular flow of material and occasional items, like old litho plates or heavy machinery. As global brokers, we hunt down the best values, are honest about the opportunities we uncover, and guarantee our clients transparent service and timely payments and reporting.

A Reputation for Service

For more than 80 years we’ve partnered with businesses and communities to craft complete, integrated recycling solutions for printers, auto suppliers, assemblers, and a wide variety of industrial manufacturers and retail business.  We handle the full range of recyclable materials and pride ourselves on attentive service, detailed reporting, and timely payment.

Royal Oak Recycling will design, install, and service your complete end-to-end recycling system, with pickups timed to match fluctuations in your waste stream. Get details about our paper, corrugated cardboard, plastic, and metal recycling services, or give us a call today: 248-591-6580

  • Integrated Recycling Solutions
  • Reliable, Transparent Service
  • Timely Payment & Detailed Reporting
  • Landfill-Free, Zero Waste Solutions
  • Kimberly-Clark Supplier of the Year
  • Best Value Recycling Brokerage