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Used Recycling Equipment

Used Recycling Equipment

Used Cardboard Balers & Industrial Compactors

Royal Oak Recycling stocks and refurbishes a wide selection of used cardboard compactors, used industrial balers, and other equipment. As a high-volume international broker of recyclables (especially cardboard and paper) we handle upwards of 600,000 tons of material in any given year, directly supplying several manufacturing sectors, including the world’s largest paper companies and mills. We thrive when you have reliable, end-to-end recycling solutions that minimizes your hassle and costs while maximizing revenue.

Used Recycling Equipment

  • Used Balers

    Installation & Maintenance/Repair available.

    For sell, lease, rent.
    cardboard baler recycling equipment
  • Used Compactors

    Installation & Maintenance/Repair available.

    For sell, lease, rent.

    Breakaway boxes come in all sizes.Typical is 42YD.
    Recycling Compactor for Recycling
  • Accessories

    The right baler accessories for your material, volume and facility.
    Recycling Equipment Ramps
  • Bale Wire

    We sell baling wire at competitive market rates.
    Bale Wire for Cardboard Baler

Questions About Used Recycling Equipment?

Ask a Specialist or Give us a Call at 248-591-6580

Used Equipment for End-to-End Solutions

We’ll do everything we can to outfit you with the end-to-end recycling system that fits your needs and budget. Our stock includes a full array of horizontal and vertical/downstroke balers and compactors of all sizes, as well as shredders, densifiers, grinders, automatic baling wire tier systems, and all the supplies and accessories you need—even site and industry-specific equipment.

Many businesses prefer smaller used vertical cardboard balers, so we keep many on hand in a range of price points and configurations. Our stock is constantly being refreshed with new pre-owned industrial compactors and balers. Contact Royal Oak Recycling today to explore how you can get the most out of your waste stream: 248-591-6580

  • Integrated Recycling Solutions
  • Reliable, Transparent Service
  • Timely Payment & Detailed Reports
  • Landfill-Free, Zero Waste Solutions
  • Kimberly-Clark Supplier of the Year
  • Best Value Recycling Brokerage