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Recycling Balers

Cardboard Balers for Sale or Lease

Corrugated Cardboard Balers for Sale or Lease

Cardboard balers make recycling easy by turning loose boxes into bales of crushed cardboard. They not only save time and money, but balers are a greener solution compared to handling loose cardboard.

Royal Oak Recycling sells, leases, and rents a wide variety of new and used commercial balers, including vertical balers and horizontal balers. Our balers are mainly used for cardboard recycling, but they can be used for other corrugated or recyclable materials such as plastic. We also offer other recycling equipment such as compactors that may be useful to your business.

We’re accustomed to servicing high-volume suppliers, and have decades of experience outfitting businesses so that they can minimize hassle and cost while maximizing revenue, enjoying the benefits of an efficient, integrated waste stream solution.

Types of Balers for Recycling

  • Horizontal Balers

    Installation & Maintenance/Repair available.

    For sell, lease, rent.
    OCC Corrugated Horizontal Baler
  • Vertical Balers

    Typical Sizes: 60” & 72”

    Installation & Maintenance/Repair available.

    For sell, lease, rent.
    OCC Corrugated Vertical Baler Cardboard
  • Accessories

    The right baler accessories for your material, volume and facility.
    Recycling Conveyor Equipment
  • Bale Wire

    We sell baling wire at competitive market rates.
    Bale Wire for Cardboard Baler

Questions About Recycling Balers?

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Recycling Balers for Sale or Lease

Our stock of new and used recycling balers range from the smaller to mid-sized downstroke balers (popular with distribution centers, grocery stores, and other retailers) to vertical balers or very large horizontal balers (can be used for bales of corrugated material) with automatic baling wire tier systems.  Whether your business has simple recycling needs or heavy-duty material to recycle, we have the equipment to match your project. Our industrial and commercial balers compact a variety of waste materials including cardboard, plastic, corrugated cardboard, paper, and other recyclables).

Royal Oak Recycling supplies all of the accessories needed to integrate your industrial baler into a complete recycling system: shredders, chutes, hoppers, baling wire, conveyors, densifiers, and more.

Our hassle-free end-to-end installation programs handle everything from pre-planning, delivery, and placement to any trades work that needs to be done: electrical, general contracting, concrete pads, even final painting, and weatherization so that the system meshes with your existing facilities. Contact Royal Oak Recycling today to discuss what you need from a commercial cardboard baler: 248-591-6580

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