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Billing Inquiries

Billing Inquiries

Questions about your bill? Let us help you!

Below is answers to commonly asked questions and direct contacts for all your billing inquires by plant location.

Royal Oak Recycling – Cleveland, OH

Royal Oak Recycling – Pittsburgh, PA

Royal Oak Retriever

We have two payment options for your convenience. Please choose the one that best suits you.

By Mail By Bank
Remit by mail to:
313 East Hudson
Royal Oak MI 48067
(please specify location you’re sending for)
Bank initiated ACH–request banking information at:

Need a W-9, have questions about your bill, need a statement of account, or copies of your invoice, please contact

Need Additional Assistance?
Experiencing problems with your service or bill? Curious about the invoicing process? Whatever your question, we’re happy to assist. Getting in contact with us is simple. Email us at or call us at 248-591-6580.

Contact Us

Questions about your bill? Contact us and a representative will be happy to assist you: 248-591-6580

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